A collaboration between Brazilian muralists Osgemeos and Spanish street artist Aryz, this weird and wonderful artwork displays a literal mating of styles.

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1. Apus Apus

0.35 MILES

Created by the Portuguese artist Artur Bordalo, this giant image of a common swift (Latin name Apus apus) has been constructed from discarded plastic and…

2. Rubinstein Mural

0.57 MILES

This colourful mural captures the impish sense of humour of Łódź's most famous son, the classical pianist Artur Rubinstein (1887–1982).

3. EC1

0.57 MILES

The centrepiece of Łódź's plan to redevelop the city centre around Łódź Fabryczna train station, EC1 takes its name from its original incarnation as the…

4. Centre for Science & Technology

0.59 MILES

Part of the EC1 complex that forms the heart of Łódź's city centre redevelopment plan, this former coal-fired power station (dating from the early 1900s)…

5. Film Museum

0.61 MILES

Housed in the palatial home of 'Cotton King' Karol Scheibler, this attraction is actually two museums in one. The basement and 1st floor are devoted to…

6. Narodziny Dnia

0.85 MILES

A courtyard brilliantly covered in the fantastical imaginings of Polish artist Wojciech Siudmak – imps, harlequins and brightly coloured birds.

7. MS1 Museum of Art

0.92 MILES

The original branch of the city's art museum is three blocks west of ul Piotrkowska, housed in the impressive palace that was once home to Maurycy…

8. Central Museum of Textiles

1.06 MILES

Dig deeper into Łódź' industrial past at this museum located in Ludwig Geyer's gorgeous White Factory (Biała Fabryka), the city's oldest textile mill,…