Jewish Cemetery

Top choice in Łódź

Łódź's Jewish cemetery was founded in 1892 and today is a haunting destination. The largest Jewish graveyard in Europe, it contains around 68,000 surviving memorials, including the huge, domed Poznanski family mausoleum. The area known as Ghetto Field (Polem Gettowym) is the final resting place for 43,000 victims of the wartime ghetto. From the Doły tram stop, walk due west on a small lane to cobbled ul Zmienna and the cemetery entrance. It's about a 300m walk.

So large was the Łódź Jewish community that even the best efforts of the Germans couldn't completely destroy the cemetery. The main wall is lined with recent memorials from the families of people who were killed during WWII. To fully appreciate the cemetery, download the Field Guide to Łódź (, which has a walking tour of the cemetery.