Site of Rizal’s Execution


At the entrance to the site of Rizal’s execution is a black granite wall inscribed with Rizal’s ‘Mi Ultimo Adios’ (My Last Farewell). Eight tableaux of life-size bronze statues recreate the dramatic last moments of the hero’s life.

Evening light-and-sound shows dedicated to Rizal usually take place here but are suspended indefinitely. When happening, they last 30 minutes and run every evening in both English and Tagalog.

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1. Rizal Monument

0.06 MILES

Fronted by a 46m flagpole and guarded by sentries in full regalia, the Rizal Monument contains national hero José Rizal’s mortal remains and stands as a…

2. Open-Air Auditorium

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The long-running Concert at the Park takes place at this open-air auditorium near the Central Lagoon in Rizal Park; it’s free and starts at around 6pm on…

3. Central Lagoon & Fountains

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In the middle of Rizal Park are the Central Lagoon, a pool lined with busts of Filipino heroes and martyrs, and a dancing musical fountain that erupts in…

4. National Planetarium

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The long-moribund National Planetarium was reopened in early 2017. Major upgrades include a Japanese–built projector and new blue seats in its central…

5. Chess Plaza

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A shady spot in Rizal Park where regulars test each other and look for new blood with shouts to visitors of ‘Hey Joe, do you play chess?’.

6. Rizal Park


Still widely known as 'Luneta' (its name until the 1950s), Manila’s iconic central park is spread out over some 60 hectares of open lawns, ornamental…

7. Baluarte de San Diego

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Fortified bastion shaped like an ace of spades dating back to 1586, making it one of the oldest stone fortifications in Intramuros.

8. Puerta Real

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This gate to the old walled city of Intramuros was built in 1663 for the exclusive use of the Spanish governor general during important state functions.