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It’s hard to say the word ‘Nazca’ without following it immediately with the word ‘Lines,’ a reference not just to the ancient geometric lines that crisscross the Nazca desert, but to the enigmatic animal geoglyphs that accompany them. Like all great unexplained mysteries, these great etchings on the pampa, thought to have been made by a pre-Inca civilization between AD 450 and 600, attract a variable fan base of... Read More

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$169 Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

30-Minute Flight Over Nazca Lines from Nazca

Enjoy a hotel pickup and transfer from your centrally located hotel in Nazca to the airport. Nasca is a small town. It would perhaps be unnoticed on the map were it not for the mysterious lines on the desert that have made it famous throughout the world. Before taking flight, take part in a short safety briefing. Then, you’ll be ready for your 30-minute scenic flight over the Nazca Lines.Enjoy a special trip across the desert to Nasca.  A monkey, a spider, a humming bird, all of vast size, can be seen from light aircraft - try to decipher the mystery yourself. You will overfly the more than twelve geoglyphs on the Nasca desert, plus those recently discovered at Palpa. The trip ends by flying over the mountains, where you will find marine fossils up to 150 million years old. Your professional pilot will provide expert commentary along the way. After the flight you will be transferred back to your hotel.

$180 Outdoor Activities

Half-Day Pampa Galeras Reserve Tour from Nazca

A transportation service will transfer you from your hotel in Nazca to Ayacucho to visit the Pampa Galeras National Reserve, an area of 6,500 hectares dedicated to the conservation of the vicuña, emblematic Peruvian camelid considered a national symbol. To this day, the conservation project has allowed that more than 5,000 vicuñas live in the area, where condors and endemic animals also live. Then you will visit the site museum and the area where Chaccu is performed, a practice that rescues pre-Inca vicuña management techniques consisting in surrounding them in the vast meadows with a human siege of hundreds of people forcing them to enter a yard to classify and shear them. After removing their wool they are returned to their natural habitat. At the end of your visit you will be transferred back to your hotel.Itinerary 6.00am Pick up of the hotel selected in Nazca 8.00am Arrival in Pampas Galeras 9.00am Visit the site museum and the area where "Chaccu" is performed 10.00am Return to Nazca 12.00pm Arrrival to Nazca

$55 Tours & Sightseeing

Half-Day Chauchilla Cementery Tour from Nazca

Visit the ancient archaeological Chauchilla Cemetery, located approximately 28 kilometers southeast of the city of Nazca, on the right bank of the valley Las Trancas. Chauchilla Cemetery is a necropolis dating back more than 1000 years old and belongs to the period of the Ica-Chincha culture. For many years, this ancient necropolis has been plundered by grave robbers, who in their quest to find treasure almost completely destroyed the place, taking with them many valuable objects belonging to the mummies lay there. Chauchilla profaners only left in their wake, half naked bodies and a large number of destroyed graves.To start the day, a transportation service will pick you up from your hotel and will transfer you to the Chauchilla Cemetery, located at about 30 kilometers from Nazca City, which is an important pre-Inca necropolis. Some sources relate it to The ancient Wari culture and others to the Nazca culture, which flourished in the area between the 2nd century BC and the 9th century AD. The cemetery shows vestiges of the ancient civilization, as well as fragments of pottery, textiles and mummies. You will be transferred back to your hotel at the end of the tour.

$45 Cultural & Theme Tours

Antonini Museum Tour in Nazca

A transportation service will pick you up from your hotel and will transfer you to the Antonini Museum, which houses recent discoveries made at the Cahuachi Ancient Ceremonial Center by Italian archaeologist Giuseppe Orefici. The Antonini Museum is run by the Centro Italiano Studi e Ricerche Archeologiche Precolombiane (Italian Center of Pre-Columbian Studies and Archaeological Research), and it is devoted to the conservation and study of the archaeological heritage of the Nazca area. There you will understand the evolution of the Nazca culture in a very didactic way and will appreciate beautiful pieces of pottery, weavings, mummies, trophy heads, and many other impressive remains. You will be transferred back to your hotel at the end of the visit.

$3399.15 Classic

Absolute Peru

Scan the canopy for wildlife from the comfort of our intimate and exclusive G Lodge Amazon, contemplate mountain vistas or take an optional flight over the Nazca Lines – this epic journey explores the geography, culture, and history of Peru, offering you the perfect blend of guided excursions and free time. Hike the Inca Trail, which rewards those willing to break a sweat with stunning views of ruins, mountainscapes, and cloud forest. And because we run our own treks, we can ensure the fair treatment of our porters and the quality of food, service, and equipment.

$1480.40 Yolo

Peru on a Shoestring

Climb the legendary Inca Trail to the cloud forest citadel of Machu Picchu, dine the traditional way at a ceremonial Pachamanca feast, or take an optional flight over the Nazca Lines—the adventure is yours to choose! With the services of a CEO and your accommodation and transport taken care of, this trip offers great value as it introduces the region’s main sights, providing plenty of flexibility so you can experience an adventure you'll never forget. Take a trip that's packed with just the essentials—15 days of maximum Peru at minimum cost. This is everything you imagined Peru would be—and more!