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Greenpeace Did What to the Nazca Lines?

The earth does deserve a voice, but for many Peruvians, and world citizens, the Greenpeace action on December 8, 2014 that placed a message – 'Time For Change! The Future is Renewable. Greenpeace' – in large yellow letters next to the iconic hummingbird biomorphic geoglyph in the Nazca Lines was an act of vandalism, causing significant damage to a World Heritage Site.Because of the delicate nature of these mysterious formations that date back 1500 years, nobody is permitted to walk on the Nazca Lines complex (these rules apply to backpackers and presidents). Only using special weight-dispersing padded shoes do archaeologists enter the site.And while Greenpeace points out that activists did not walk on the geoglyph itself, they did overturn rocks and drone flights revealed disrupted areas where the protesters (or vandals depending on how you look at it) entered the site.After the action, which was designed to call the attention of world leaders attending a UN Climate Summit in Lima, Greenpeace issued apologies, and several of the 12 people taking part were formally charged by Peruvian authorities, with the Austrian archaeologist that lead the stunt going on to receive a large fine and suspended prison sentence.International outrage swirled around the incident and the Peruvian government vowed to restore the site. However the fragile nature of the lines was again brought to the fore in 2018 when a large truck drove across some of the lines leaving deep tyre marks in the soil that cut across three of the lines. The driver was eventually acquitted after claiming he had been forced off the road due to mechanical problems and didn't realize he was crossing the lines.After the latest incident the government once again vowed to increase security at the site but whether this will lead to change on the ground remains to be seen.

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Nazca Lines full experience departing from Nazca

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Museo Lineas de Nasca Centro Maria Reiche, Nazca, Ica RegionEnjoy a visit to the Maria reiche house museum and the lookout from where you can observe three Nazca lines. the tree, the hands and the LizardDuration: 1 hourStop At: Nasca Lines, Nazca, Ica RegionEnjoy a visit to the Nazca and Palpa towers to observe the linesDuration: 2 hoursStop At: Nazca Flights, Ica, Ica RegionEnjoy flying over the Nazca Lines duration 30 minutes classic flight Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes

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Nazca lines Overflight

We will pick you up from your hotel in Nazca at the time previously coordinated; to take it to the aerodrome where we will prepare it and weigh it to place it in one of the shared planes, in which it will fly over the incredible desert of Nazca place that houses more than 300 figures, but for the time of flight that we will only have to reach 13 figures, among them you can see: The monkey, the hummingbird, the gannet, the dog, the parrot, the tree, the whale, etc. After having flown for 30 minutes we will return to the airfield, where our transport will be waiting to take us back to our hotel.

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Total Nazca Lines by plane

On board a van, feel the clouds and fly for 60 minutes through the Nazca desert and observe the enigmatic lines of Nasca and Palpa, where you can see 20 geographical figures such as the monkey, the spider, the hummingbird, the astronaut, etc. which were designed and made by the heritage of the Nasca culture, we will collect it from your hotel in Nazca and take it to the airport where you will share the flight with other travelers if you travel alone or as a couple, one of the most important factors will be the weather, since this will decide the time of departure.

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2 Day - Nazca Lines And Ballestas Islands - Group Service

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productStop At: Islas Ballestas, Paracas, Ica RegionDAY 1 : Lima - Paracas - NazcaYour Nazca Lines and Ballestas Islands 2 days tour, will start very early on around 03:00 am max, as we have to travel long distance and get to Paracas bay with enough time to get a departure permit and sail off to the Ballestas islands. We will travel for around 3 hours away from Lima and once we get to Paracas, we will get ready to embark on our boat to enjoy our time on the sea.Sometimes, the sea gets a bit rough thus, we recommend you to get your breakfast after your boat ride journey to avoid getting seasick. You still have to bring with you during your travesy a hat, sunblock and a bottle of water.During your boat ride, we will start visiting some of the rock formations across the line coast until get to a famous line of a side of a desert dune named the Candelabra or 'Chandelier' due its shape and no ones knows exactly the meaning of this huge line formation but vestiges found around it date from 200 BC. Afterwards, we will be sailing more into the sea until we get to section of small islands. Here we will finally see, lots of birds, sea lions, pelican and dolphins, it is a real show of nature to witness all of this in front of us.Finished this section of the Nazca Lines and Ballestas Islands 2 days tour, around the islands, we will head back to Paracas so you can get some snacks and escort you to take your bus to your next adventure in Nazca. Duration: 3 hoursStop At: Nasca Lines, Nazca, Ica RegionDAY 2 : Over flight the Nazca Lines and back to LimaToday we will pass around your hotel and leaving early on, to get in time to the local airfield in Nazca. Here we will have to wait some time to get the go on our Cessna planes. Safety instructions will be given before our final departure. We have to remark that this Nazca Lines and Ballestas Islands 2 days tour, is one of the most excitement ones, as you will be flying to an enigmatic location and see the drawing lines on a big scale. If we think carefully, that the Nazca people a culture dated 200 BC (well before the Inca times) were using a set cordells to guide themselves in the drawing of such amazing figures, it was indeed challenging. There are theories that indicates the 250 figures, yes there a lot them, symbolise a big calendar or another one a cult to bring water on the area as it is one of the most desertic ones in the world. The idea in drawing animals figures facing the sky (which are seen mostly in forest regions or in the sea ) were a dedication to their deities to protect them against drought. After contemplating the Nazca figures from the sky such as the Monkey, The Condor, the hummingbird, the Astronaut, among others, we will return to the airfield and get prepared to head by bus to Lima. At your arrival to Lima, one of our representatives will be waiting for you to escort you to your hotel. We wish you were having a superb time on your Nazca Lines and Ballestas Islands 2 days tour, and hopefully we will see you very soon. Duration: 30 minutes

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Nazca lines from Nazca airport

ItineraryThis is a typical itinerary for this productPass By: Nasca Lines, Nazca, Ica RegionYou will be transferred from your hotel in Nazca to the small Nazca aerodrome at 07:15am. At this point you will meet by one of our representative who will take you to the checkin zone and wait for your flight over the Nazca Lines. At the airport you will have an introduction about your tour and safety instruction. This flight will cover the expanse of the Nazca desert, the surface of which is scarred by gigantic drawings and geometrical shapes. Note: The flight lasts exactly 30 minutes and you will see 12 most representative figures drawn on the stony surface of the Nazca desert. Representing animals and stylized plants, distributed in a huge labyrinth of lines, trapezes, triangles and hairsprings which have been preserved for almost 2000 years. They are the most incredible remains that an ancient culture has left behind. These designs, which some of them are as long as 500 meters, can be truly appreciated only from the sky at an altitude of 1,500 feet. After this amazing tour, you will then flight back to the aerodrome. You will then be returned to your hotel in Nazca.

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Cahuachi Ceremonial Center Tour from Nasca

Pick up from your hotel in Nasca approximately at 2:00pm, transfer to the Ceremonial Center Cahuachi. It is the largest ceremonial center known with 24 square kilometers of extension. The archaeological complex belongs to the Nazca culture (early intermediate, 200 b.C - 700 a.C.) and is composed of several truncated pyramids built in Adobe, many of which were abandoned during the V and VI a.C. It was the most important dwelling and ritual center of the Nazca culture that developed between the 400 years after Christ and was used to make offerings related to agriculture that was its main activity. For many researchers, Cahuachi marks the pattern of housing expansion on the south coast.There are also structures that have an open courtyard on one side and a large terrace with covered enclosures. On the tops of the major temples, as in the case of the Great Temple, it was found the existence of large enclosures whose roofs were supported by dozens of columns.Return to your hotel in Nasca.

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