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Greenpeace Did What to the Nazca Lines?

The earth does deserve a voice, but for many Peruvians, and world citizens, the Greenpeace action on December 8, 2014 that placed a message – 'Time For Change! The Future is Renewable. Greenpeace' – in large yellow letters next to the iconic hummingbird biomorphic geoglyph in the Nazca Lines was an act of vandalism, causing irreperable damage to a World Heritage Site.Since the action, which was designed to call the attention of world leaders attending a UN Climate Summit in Lima, Greenpeace has issued apologies, and three of the 20 people taking part have been publicly accused (with Greenpeace releasing the names of four more participants in hopes of having charges dropped for journalists that covered the brash environmental action).Because of the delicate nature of these mysterious formations that date back 1500 years, nobody is permitted to walk on the Nazca Lines complex (these rules apply to backpackers and presidents). Only using special weight-dispersing padded shoes do archeaologists enter the site.And while Greenpeace points out that activists did not walk on the geoglyph itself, they did overturn rocks. Recent drone flights reveal disrupted areas where the protesters (or vandals depending on how you look at it) entered the site, and you can see remnants of the letter C. International outrage swirled around the incident. The Peruvian government is now looking at ways to restore the site and criminal proceedings are ongoing. It certainly leaves a lasting imprint on the global debate surrounding environmental protection, but how that legacy will be viewed is certainly up for interpretation.

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Nazca Lines full experience

itineraryEarly start if weather is  fine, transfer to the airport before breakfast. Perhaps you will need to take a pill to prevent dizziness if you easily get sick on the rides. The whole process at the airport takes around 2 hours approx.Please do not forget your passport or ID is mandatory in the security process for boarding the plane, also do not bring much staff to the plane, for space and  weight issues you are not going to be allowed to take much with you. Use light clothing.The check in process over the counter includes hand over your passport , pay the airport tax and step on a scale to measure your weightWhile you are waiting at the airport for your turn to fly our guide will brief you about the Nazca lines tour and watch a video about the Nazca culture.Do not bring staff prohibited in most airports, otherwise security  will keep it and returned to you after the flight. (most people end up forgetting their staff at the airportBefore to board the plane you will receive a briefing from the pilot or copilot explaining what you are about to see.The flight takes 30 minutes but the circuit itself is 20 minutes, the planes are for 2,4,5,6,and 12 passengers and the crew is composed by the pilot and the copilot, you will be provided with headphones to hear the pilot instructions to see the lines.This is a scenic flight there is not guide available in the flight therefore do not expect much from the pilots their work is to flight the plane safetely.After the flight you will continue with the visit to the most important and largest necropolis  in Nazca where you will be able to appreciate the process of mummification,   The bodies are so remarkably preserved due mainly to the dry climate in the Peruvian Desert but the funeral rites were also a contributing factor. The bodies were clothed in embroidered cotton and then painted with a resin and kept in purpose-built tombs made from mud bricks.Enjoy a box lunch included on the service and continue the visit to the Cahuachi Pyramids was a major ceremonial center of the Nazca culture, based from 1 AD to about 500 AD in the coastal area of the Central Andes. It overlooked some of the Nazca lines. The Italian archaeologist Giuseppe Orefici has been excavating at the site for the past few decades. The site contains over 40 mounds topped with adobe structures. The huge architectural complex covers 0.6 sq. miles (1.5 km2) at 365 meters above sea levelINCLUDED IN THIS TOUR Professional tour guideTouristic transportation A/CBox lunchEntrance fees Not Included: AccommodationMeals

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Nazca lines Overflight

We will pick you up from your hotel in Nazca at the time previously coordinated; to take it to the aerodrome where we will prepare it and weigh it to place it in one of the shared planes, in which it will fly over the incredible desert of Nazca place that houses more than 300 figures, but for the time of flight that we will only have to reach 13 figures, among them you can see: The monkey, the hummingbird, the gannet, the dog, the parrot, the tree, the whale, etc. After having flown for 30 minutes we will return to the airfield, where our transport will be waiting to take us back to our hotel.

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2 Day Nazca Lines And Ballestas Islands Group Service

Day 1 : Lima - Paracas - NazcaToday, we will pick you up at 3:00am from your hotel in Lima to transfer you to the bus terminal. You’ll take a tour bus to Paracas, it takes approximately 4 hours. At the bus terminal in Paracas, there will be a Valencia Travel Cusco representative waiting for to transfer you to the Harbor to visit Ballestas Island. Which are very spectacular islands with many caves and arches, providing shelter for thousands of seabirds and sea lions. Along the shores, can be seen large numbers of sea lions and in the sea, it is possible to encounter dolphins and whales.After this tour, we will transfer you to the bus terminal to take the bus to Nazca. Upon arrival, you will have your rooms ready for a pleasant rest at the hotel.Day 2 : Over flight the Nazca Lines and back to LimaWe will pick you up from you hotel to transfer you to the airport to over fly the Nazca Lines. The flight over the Nazca Lines takes 30 minutes during that time you will see 13 figures (The Astronaut, the Monkey, The Condor, The hummingbird, and more). Before boarding the plane, you are going to watch some videos providing you with information about the different theories of the Nazca Lines.The aircrafts is a CESSNA 206 for 2 pilots (pilot and co-pilot) and 4 passengers. Each passenger will have a window seat. We will start off flying to the right and then the left side of the figures. This means, you are not going to have problems seeing the figures.After flying the Nazca Lines, we are going to transfer you to the bus terminal to take the bus to Lima ,it is about 7 hours. At the bus terminal in Lima, there will be a Valencia Travel Cusco representative waiting for you to transfer you to your hotel.

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Cahuachi Ceremonial Center Tour from Nasca

Pick up from your hotel in Nasca approximately at 2:00pm, transfer to the Ceremonial Center Cahuachi. It is the largest ceremonial center known with 24 square kilometers of extension. The archaeological complex belongs to the Nazca culture (early intermediate, 200 b.C - 700 a.C.) and is composed of several truncated pyramids built in Adobe, many of which were abandoned during the V and VI a.C. It was the most important dwelling and ritual center of the Nazca culture that developed between the 400 years after Christ and was used to make offerings related to agriculture that was its main activity. For many researchers, Cahuachi marks the pattern of housing expansion on the south coast. There are also structures that have an open courtyard on one side and a large terrace with covered enclosures. On the tops of the major temples, as in the case of the Great Temple, it was found the existence of large enclosures whose roofs were supported by dozens of columns. Return to your hotel in Nasca.

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Nazca Lines 30-Minute Flight Tour with Round-Trip Transport

Enjoy a hotel pickup and transfer from your centrally located hotel in Nazca to the airport. Nazca is a small town, and wouldn't be considered significant were it not for the mysterious lines on the desert that have made it famous throughout the world. Before taking flight, take part in a short safety briefing. Then, you’ll be ready for your 30-minute scenic flight over the Nazca Lines. Enjoy a special trip across the desert: A monkey, a spider, a hummingbird, and more can be seen from the aircraft. Try to decipher the mystery yourself. You will fly over more than 12 geoglyphs on the Nazca desert, plus those recently discovered at Palpa. The trip ends by flying over the mountains, where you will find marine fossils up to 150 million years old. Your professional pilot will provide the commentary along the way. After the flight, you will be transferred back to your hotel. NOTE: We will do our best efforts to keep to the schedule, however take into account that departure time will depend on the weather conditions and the air traffic of the day.

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Nazca to Pampa Galeras Reserve Half-Day Tour with Admission

A transportation service will transfer you from your hotel in Nazca to Ayacucho to visit the Pampa Galeras National Reserve, an area of 6,500 hectares dedicated to the conservation of the vicuña, emblematic Peruvian camelid considered a national symbol. To this day, the conservation project has allowed that more than 5,000 vicuñas live in the area, where condors and endemic animals also live. Then you will visit the site museum and the area where Chaccu is performed, a practice that rescues pre-Inca vicuña management techniques consisting in surrounding them in the vast meadows with a human siege of hundreds of people forcing them to enter a yard to classify and shear them. After removing their wool they are returned to their natural habitat. At the end of your visit you will be transferred back to your hotel.Itinerary 6.00am Pick up of the hotel selected in Nazca 8.00am Arrival in Pampas Galeras 9.00am Visit the site museum and the area where "Chaccu" is performed 10.00am Return to Nazca 12.00pm Arrrival to Nazca

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