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Cajamarca’s cobbled streets testify to the beginning of the end of the once-powerful Inca empire, and remnants of the work of these famed Andean masons still remain. The hazy forests of Chachapoyas have only recently revealed their archaeological bounty: the staggering stone fortress of Kuélap, which clings for dear life to a craggy limestone peak. At the jungle gateway of Tarapoto, the Amazon waits patiently on the periphery, as it has for centuries, endowed with a cornucopia of wildlife and exquisite good looks.

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Tour of the Port of Callao and fort Real Felipe

The visit to the Real Felipe is done in approximately 1 hour and a half, by the places of the circuit of scheduled visit, which is done with guides of the own institution. It is considered a rest of 10 to 15 minutes. In fact, if one wishes to know the whole museum in detail, it may take a couple of full days. The museum is open from Tuesday to Sunday from 10 AM to 2 PM.This the Real Felipe a base of the Peruvian Army is for this reason that the guides will be of the same museum, after visiting the fort we will visit a beautiful coastal district called the Punta, from there we will be able to see the San Lorenzo islands and we will be able to take very Beautiful photos, and on the way back we will pass through the central part of the callao to see beautiful streets and old mansions and beautiful murals made by young artists, we are sure that this walk you will enjoy it, we will include the tickets, transfers and the guide.

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Explore Northern Peru

Venture off the beaten path to discover ancient vestiges of north Peruvian cultures. Explore fortified cities that were once bustling hubs of early civilizations; peruse museums brimming with archaeological treasures; visit burial tombs used by pre-Inca cultures; and encounter the ruins of Chan Chan, abandoned by the Chimu people in 1470. See a side of Peru that few travellers experience, and gain a greater understanding for the country's ancient past.

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Explore Northern Peru & Machu Picchu

Experience the many splendours of Peru's ancient past on this 16-day tour that takes you to famed sites and hidden gems. In northern Peru, discover traces of pre-Inca cultures, including the mountaintop fortified city of Kuelap, home to the Chachapoyas “Cloud Warriors;” and the eroded adobe ruins of Chan Chan. Round out your exploration of Peru’s fascinating past with an early morning guided visit to magnificent Machu Picchu.

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