Old Village

Hajar Mountains

This tiny hamlet was bombed in 1954 during a military campaign to suppress the imamate rebellion against the sultan. Abandoned old Tanuf now lies in silent ruin at the head of Wadi Tanuf and, given that it appears to melt into the ground at sunset, is especially attractive to photographers.

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1. Falaj Tanuf

0.16 MILES

Dating back 1500 years, Oman's falaj system represents early engineering at its most ingenious. Here in Tanuf the channels are particularly remarkable for…

2. Falaj Daris Park

7.49 MILES

At 7990m in length, Falaj Daris is one of the biggest irrigation channels in Oman and one of six such channels in Oman collectively honoured as a Unesco…

3. Al Hoota Cave

7.79 MILES

Embellished with stalactites and stalagmites, this is the only cave in Oman developed for tourism and it's something of a gem. Sensitively lit, this…

4. Wadi Bani Habib

8.58 MILES

Wadi Bani Habib refers less to the wadi of walnuts and pomegranates that are still grown here, and more to the ruined village that lies wrapped around the…

5. Sharfat Al Alamayn Viewpoint

8.65 MILES

Marking the highest point along the paved road, this spectacular viewpoint overlooks the full reach of the Hajar mountain range. With little hint of the…

6. Al Qala'a Mosque

9.04 MILES

Nizwa was once a major centre for Islamic scholarship, and two aged mosques, among the oldest in the world, have survived since the early 7th century…

7. Nizwa Fort

9.05 MILES

Built over 12 years in the 17th century by Sultan Bin Saif Al Yaruba, the first imam of the Yaruba dynasty, Nizwa Fort is famed for its distinctive 40m…

8. Nizwa Souq

9.17 MILES

The site of one of the oldest souqs in the country, this extensive marketplace is dedicated mostly to fruit and vegetables, meat and fish, all of which…