Hajar Mountains

This traditional mountain village is something of a landmark along the remote off-road route from Wadi Bani Awf to Sharfat Al Alamayn. With the most difficult section of driving behind, and only the steep push to the summit remaining ahead, it is a good place to pause and admire the striking desert mountain scenery. With no tourist facilities of any kind, Hatt is best explored on foot or, to avoid being intrusive, admired at a distance.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Hajar Mountains attractions

1. Sharfat Al Alamayn Viewpoint

1.28 MILES

Marking the highest point along the paved road, this spectacular viewpoint overlooks the full reach of the Hajar mountain range. With little hint of the…

2. Bilad Sayt

1.38 MILES

Tucked into a limestone pleat in the mountains, Bilad Sayt is a beautiful traditional Hajar Mountain village. Trimmed with neat allotments of corn and…

3. Snake Gorge

2.26 MILES

Slithering through the heart of the Hajar Mountains, this narrow slot canyon doesn't give up its secrets easily: in fact, it is hard to get a sense of its…

4. Rock Arch

4.85 MILES

Referred to locally as a rock arch, this striking natural feature is in fact a fissure in the cliff. There is just enough space at the bottom of the crack…

5. Thorn Tree Copse

5.88 MILES

Where the paved road through Wadi Bani Awf ends, a magnificent stand of trees comes into view. These are Ziziphus spina christi, or 'Christ thorn trees' –…

6. Misfat Viewpoint

7.16 MILES

For the best view of Misfat, turn right by the campground before entering the village. The ancient stone buildings, half buried in a thick date plantation…

7. Al Hoota Cave


Embellished with stalactites and stalagmites, this is the only cave in Oman developed for tourism and it's something of a gem. Sensitively lit, this…

8. Bait Al Safah

9.34 MILES

This quirky museum is more open house than historical display. Three ladies accompany guests around their traditional house in the aged and crumbling…