Jebel Harim

A set of ancient inscribed gravestones marks the junction between Rawdah Bowl and the Omani portion of Wadi Bih. Fashioned either from luminous yellow sandstone or grey limestone, the tombstones are pre-Islamic and bear many inscriptions and pictographs. The soft yellow stones appear to vibrate with saturated colour in the setting sun. There's another cluster of tombstones within the Rawdah Bowl.

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1. House of Locks

3.34 MILES

An interesting feature of Jebel Harim is the type of local stone-built house known as bait al qifl or ‘house of locks’. So called on account of their…

2. Rawdah Bowl

4.09 MILES

Beneath Jebel Harim, a gap in the mountains leads to an almost circular plateau known as the Rawdah Bowl. A beautiful depression of mature acacia and ghaf…

3. Sayh Plateau


This tiny natural plain surrounded by jagged limestone peaks has been farmed for centuries and is a beautiful sight in the winter when the plain is bright…

4. Jebel Jais

7.06 MILES

The highest peak in the UAE at 1934m, Jebel Jais is even occasionally dusted with snow. A switchback road snakes up the mountainside delivering vistas of…

5. Jebel Harim Pass

7.07 MILES

This pass, high up on Jebel Harim, connects the east coast of Musandam with the west coast, across the neck of the peninsula. Rawdah Bowl lies at the…

6. Jebel Jais Viewing Deck Park

7.87 MILES

As observation decks go, it doesn't get much posher than this. Opened in early 2018, the landscaped and manicured viewing terraces here at 1250m have…

7. Dhayah Fort

10.24 MILES

It's well worth climbing the zigzagging staircase (you'll need sturdy shoes – this is not flip-flops territory) to this twin-towered hilltop fortress to…

8. Al Khalidiyah

16.29 MILES

From the base of the track to Khor Al Najd, a road leads to the village of Sal Alaa and Al Khalidiyah, an inland bowl full of magnificent mature trees…