Jebel Akhdar

Not to be confused with the main town of Saiq, this small village has a rose-water distillery, making it an interesting place to visit during production time in spring. It's also a trailhead for the Village Trail.

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1. Ash Shuraiqa

1.19 MILES

Growing an abundance of pink Damask roses that bloom in spring (late March, early April), this village is linked to neighbouring villages by the…

2. Al Aqor

1.78 MILES

This tiny hamlet clinging to the edge of the cliff, below Diana's Viewpoint, is typical of the villages on the Saiq plateau. Growing an assortment of…

3. Diana's Viewpoint

1.82 MILES

The rim of the cliff here, with its celebrated panoramic view of the farmed terraces below, has a royal connection. Diana, Princess of Wales, enjoyed this…

4. Wadi Bani Habib

2.39 MILES

Wadi Bani Habib refers less to the wadi of walnuts and pomegranates that are still grown here, and more to the ruined village that lies wrapped around the…

5. Picnic Shelter


Marking the end point of national Walking Route 25, this small pavilion has yet another spectacular vista across the Al Ghubra Basin a thousand metres…

6. Watchtower

7.93 MILES

You have to pity the donkeys of the past who, until the 1980s, had to trudge up the punishingly steep track, laden with supplies, to reach the village of…

7. Falaj Daris Park

8.82 MILES

At 7990m in length, Falaj Daris is one of the biggest irrigation channels in Oman and one of six such channels in Oman collectively honoured as a Unesco…

8. Bait Al Radidah

10.09 MILES

Renovated but as yet closed to visitors, the attractive 17th-century fort is much photographed as it is perfectly framed against the massif of Jebel…