Wadi Damm

Hajar Mountains

This steep-sided wadi channels the water that runs off Jebel Kawr and Jebel Shams and makes a pretty place for an easy stroll or a picnic. The walls at the mouth of the wadi are etched with ancient petroglyphs, and there's a cave whose roof is blackened with centuries of use. It's possible to clamber over the rocks, or along the falaj (irrigation channel) to a small dam fed by a waterfall deeply incised in the rock.

To make the most of the landscape here, park in the village of Damm and walk along the track beside the date plantations for around 2km, heading towards the obvious gaping mouth of the canyon. The wadi threads along the bottom of the canyon, and if there's been little rain, it's relatively easy to clamber over the rocks and up the waterfall to some deep pools beyond. It's a popular picnic site at the weekend.

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