Krishna Temple


This old building, jammed between gleaming brass shops just southwest of Asan Tole, looks decrepit at first glance. Look closer and you'll notice some fabulously elaborate woodcarvings, depicting beaked monsters and a tiny Tibetan protector, holding a tiger on a chain like he’s taking the dog for a walk. Look also for the turn-of-the-century plaques depicting marching troops on the building to the left and the ornately carved entryway just below it.

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1. Yita Chapal

0.04 MILES

On the south side of Asan Tole is the Yita Chapal (Southern Pavilion), which was once used for festival dances (the dance platform out front is just…

2. Asan Tole

0.04 MILES

From dawn until dusk the six-spoked junction of Asan Tole is jammed with vegetable and spice vendors selling everything from yak tails to dried fish. It’s…

3. Annapurna Temple

0.05 MILES

The three-storey Annapurna Temple in the southeast corner of Asan Tole is dedicated to the goddess of abundance; Annapurna is represented by a purana …

4. Seto Machhendranath Temple (Jan Bahal)

0.08 MILES

Southwest of Asan Tole at the junction known as Kel Tole, this temple attracts both Buddhists and Hindus – Buddhists consider Seto (White) Machhendranath…

5. Bangemudha


At the southern end of the Sikha Narayan Temple square, just across the crossroads on the corner, you will see a lump of wood into which thousands of…

6. Indra Chowk

0.14 MILES

The busy street of Makhan Tole spills into Indra Chowk, the courtyard named after the ancient Vedic deity, Indra. Locals crowd around the square’s…

7. Akash Bhairab Temple

0.15 MILES

On the west side of Indra Chowk is the facade of the Akash Bhairab Temple, or Bhairab of the Sky Temple. From the balcony four metal lions rear out over…

8. Itum Bahal

0.19 MILES

The long, rectangular courtyard of the Itum Bahal is the largest bahal (Buddhist monastery courtyard) in the old town and remains a haven of tranquillity…