Jal Binayak Temple

Hindu Temple in Chobar

Built in 1602, Jal Binayak Temple is one of the valley’s most important Ganesh shrines. There was quite some damage from the 2015 earthquake and scaffolding, demolition and repairs were evident when we last visited, at which time the temple’s three-tiered roof had been removed. When re-erected look for the carved struts depicting eight Bhairabs and the eight Ashta Matrikas (Mother Goddesses) with whom Ganesh often appears.

The temple's riverside location offers views of the base of a gorge, with plenty of rubbish in the waters and pariah kites wheeling about. The temple is accessed by a stairway (one-minute walk) from a car park off the main road, or a 10-minute walk downhill from the village itself. You can also cut down through the Manjushree Park.