People admiring the panorama of the himalayas from Nagarkot View Tower.

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Lookout Tower


A popular spot to soak in the Himalayan splendour is this tower, perched at 2164m on a ridge, although the rising vegetation can obscure the vista. It’s around an hour’s walk (4km) south from the village, and best at sunrise. If you’re not up for a dark and chilly walk, taxis and private cars (return Rs 1200) are easily arranged through any hotel or the tourist offices.

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1. Nagarkot Buddha Peace Garden

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2. Mother of Chandeshwari Temple

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This small satellite of the nearby Chandeshwari Temple is dedicated to the mother of Chandeshwari, one of the fearsome incarnations of Parvati.

3. Chandeshwari Temple

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7. Brass & Bronze Museum

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8. Pujari Math

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