Bagh Bhairab Temple

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In a courtyard off the north side of the main square, the imposing Bhairab Temple features an incredible armoury of tulwars (swords) and shields belonging to the soldiers defeated by Prithvi Narayan Shah. Befitting the militaristic mood, animal sacrifices are made here early on Tuesday and Saturday mornings.

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1. Main Square

0.03 MILES

Ringed by the former residences of the royal family of Kirtipur, many showing some signs of earthquake damage, this square is now a popular hang-out for…

2. Uma Maheshwar Temple

0.11 MILES

From the main square, head west through the village to a Ganesh shrine and a stone stairway that climbs to the triple-roofed Uma Maheshwar Temple. It’s…

3. Lohan Dehar

0.13 MILES

From the main square, take a turn right, exiting at the southeast corner of the square to reach the 16th-century stone shikhara-style Lohan Dehar…

4. Chilanchu Vihara

0.19 MILES

Built in 1515, this stately stupa crowns the hilltop. The harmika (square tower) above the dome was painted a rich blue, but it was removed for repairs…

5. Nagar Mandap Sri Kirti Vihar

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At the bottom of the hill, follow the left fork of the main road around the base of the hill to this classic Thai-style wat (Buddhist monastery)…

6. Adinath Lokeshwar Temple


In the village of Chobar is (or was) the curious Adinath Lokeshwar Temple, originally built in the 15th century. The three-tiered Newari temple and its…

7. Manjushree Park

1.66 MILES

Manjushree Park is the result of a project to repair the damage created by a now-defunct cement factory, which scarred the landscape of Chobar Gorge,…

8. Jal Binayak Temple

1.78 MILES

Built in 1602, Jal Binayak Temple is one of the valley’s most important Ganesh shrines. There was quite some damage from the 2015 earthquake and…