Guru Lhakhang


This prominent lhakhang (chapel) houses an impressive three-storey statue of Guru Rinpoche (Padmasambhava), the 7th-century magician and holy man who helped establish Buddhism in Tibet.

Look also for the plaque to the right of the lhakhang that commemorates Ekai Kawaguchi, the Japanese monk and traveller who stayed here in 1899 before heading off on a remarkable journey to Mustang and Tibet.

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1. Harati (Ajima) Shrine

0.01 MILES

This small shrine dedicated to Hariti (Ajima), the goddess of smallpox, marks the entryway to the upper levels of the Bodhnath Stupa.

2. Boudhanath Stupa

0.05 MILES

The first stupa at Boudhanath was built sometime after AD 600, when the Tibetan king, Songtsen Gampo, converted to Buddhism. In terms of grace and purity…

3. Samtenling Gompa

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It's worth popping into this Gelugpa-school monastery to see if prayers are in progress.

4. Jamchen Lhakhang

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This Sakya-school monastery on the west side of the stupa circuit houses a huge three-storey statue of Jampa (Maitreya), the Future Buddha. Look for the…

5. Ka-Nying Sheldrup Ling Gompa

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The handsome ‘white gompa’ is home to 225 monks and features ornamental gardens and a richly decorated interior with some fine murals. The main prayer…

6. Sakya Tharig Gompa

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Take the alley running northeast from the Bodhnath Stupa, past the small Gelugpa Samtenling Gompa, and turn right to reach the Sakya Tharig Gompa. This…

7. Shechen Gompa

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This huge complex was established by the famous Nyingmapa lama Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche to replace the destroyed Shechen Gompa in eastern Tibet. Today the…

8. Pal Dilyak Gompa


Come to this Karma Kagyud school monastery in the early morning or afternoon to catch the monks' prayer ceremony.