Fes Festival of World Sacred Music

Music in Fez

Image by Susanna Wyatt Getty Images

The Fes Festival of World Sacred Music brings together music groups and artists from all corners of the globe, and it has become one of the most successful world music festivals around. Based on the idea that music can engender harmony between different cultures, the festival has attracted big international stars such as Ben Harper, Bjork and Patti Smith.

Concerts are held over a week in a variety of venues, including Bab Al Makina, Jnan Sbil Garden, various riads and Bou Jeloud Sq. While the big names are a draw, equally fascinating are the more intimate concerts held by Morocco’s various tariqas (Sufi brotherhoods). Fringe events include art exhibitions, films and debates. The festival has been praised by the UN as a major event promoting dialogue between civilisations. Tickets for individual performances cost between €20 and €60 and can be bought through the festival website, as well as at the venues. Accommodation books up far in advance (often attracting a festival premium) – so organise as far ahead as possible if you plan on attending.