Relief Map of Montenegro

Central Montenegro

This fascinating large-scale 3D map was created by the Austrians in 1917. It's housed in a glass pavilion attached to the side of the Njegoš Museum Biljarda; if it’s closed, you can peer through the windows.

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Nearby Central Montenegro attractions

1. Njegoš Museum Biljarda

0.02 MILES

This castlelike palace was the residence of Montenegro’s favourite son, prince-bishop and poet Petar II Petrović Njegoš. It was built and financed by the…

2. Cetinje Monastery

0.06 MILES

It’s a case of four times lucky for the Cetinje Monastery, having been repeatedly destroyed during Ottoman attacks and rebuilt. This sturdy incarnation…

3. King Nikola Museum

0.07 MILES

Entry to this maroon-and-white palace (1871), home to the last sovereign of Montenegro, is by guided tour (you may need to wait for a group to form)…

4. Court Church

0.08 MILES

Built in 1886 on the ruins of the original Cetinje Monastery, this little church has a lovely gilded iconostasis, but its main claim to fame is as the…

5. Ethnographic Museum


The former Serbian embassy houses a well-presented collection of costumes and tools explained by English notations.

6. Montenegrin Art Gallery

0.11 MILES

All of Montenegro’s great artists are represented here, with the most famous (Milunović, Lubarda, Ðurić etc) having their own separate spaces. There’s a…

7. History Museum

0.11 MILES

Housed in the imposing former parliament building (1910), this fascinating museum follows a timeline from the Stone Age onwards. Historical relics include…

8. Ulica Njegoševa

0.12 MILES

Cetinje’s main street is pretty Njegoševa, a partly pedestrianised thoroughfare lined with interesting buildings, cafes and shops.