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The state of Oaxaca (wah-hah-kah) has a special magic felt by Mexicans and foreigners alike. A bastion of indigenous culture, it’s home to the country’s most vibrant crafts and art scene, some outstandingly colorful and extroverted festivities, a uniquely savory cuisine and diverse natural riches. At the center of the state in every way stands beautiful, colonial Oaxaca city, an elegant and fascinating cultural hub... Read More

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Mexico's Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

Both intriguing and unusual, the Day of the Dead festival is both a celebration of ancestors and a huge party, and here is your backstage pass. Join us in Oaxaca, Mexico’s artistic heartland, for a truly different perspective of the country. With street dances, painted faces, incredible ruins, surrounding picturesque landscapes, delicious flavours, and maybe a margarita or two, it'll be easy to get into the macabre spirit of "Dia de los Muertos."

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Copalita Trail: 6-Day Trekking Adventure from Oaxaca

The Copalita Trail is a journey that combines adventure, nature, culture and sustainability. It is a 6-day trek that will take you from the alpine region of Oaxaca, all the way down to the coveted pristine beaches of the Pacific. Along the way you will not only see amazing mountain panoramas, swim in the crystalline waters of their rivers, traverse through 5 different ecosystems, and eat amazing authentic food, but you will witness first hand how native communities can thrive in this remote location, whilst preserving their biodiversity and chemical free lifestyle. The Copalita trail is a full immersion into Deep Mexico. The steep mountains where corn is grown, the shaded Guanacastle forests that grow some of the world´s best shade coffee, the fertile highlands that produce timber, and the rain-forests that provide a home to hundreds of species of birds.

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Puerto Escondido 4-Day Surf Package

If you are looking for thrills and adrenaline, make your wish come true with the best surf classes in Puerto Escondido and this 4-day package. Your package includes accommodation close to Playa Carrizalillo, transport, two meals a day, videos and pictures and, most importantly, 3 surf classes with all equipment and professional instructors. Enjoy Puerto Escondido and its amazing scenery as you learn to surf and have a wonderful experience.

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2-Day Tour of Oaxaca from Huatulco

Discover the magic of ancient cultures in two days! You’ll start your journey from the Pacific coast to the city of Oaxaca. During the tour you’ll make the first stop for breakfast passing through the village of Santa María Jalapa del Marqués.

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Oaxaca Day of the Dead & Puerto Escondido

In Mexico, death isn’t the end of the road – it’s the beginning of a huge party. Rooted in Aztec tradition, Oaxaca’s colourful Dead of the Dead festivities have been drawing curious visitors for decades. This weeklong tour throws you right into the middle of the action with four straight days of parades, wild costumes, and market visits in search of sugar skulls. Then, it’s off to the coastal town of Puerto Escondido for a few days of well-earned R&R on the beach (or, if you’ve still got the energy, parties galore) you’ll be more than grateful for.