Must-see attractions in Zihuatanejo

  • Playa Las Gatas in Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

    Playa Las Gatas


    Isolated 'Cat Beach' is named – depending on whose story you believe – either after the whiskered nurse sharks that once inhabited its waters, or for the…

  • Playa la Ropa, Zihuatanejo, Mexico.

    Playa La Ropa


    The gorgeous white-sand expanse of Playa La Ropa (Clothes Beach) was named after a Spanish galleon that was wrecked and had its cargo of silks washed…

  • Playa Manzanillo


    This secluded white-sand beach near Playa Larga offers the best snorkeling in the area. It's reachable by boat from Zihuatanejo.

  • Playa Larga


    About 12km south of Zihuatanejo, just before the airport, Playa Larga has big surf, beachfront restaurants and horseback riding. This is where Andy…

  • Museo Arqueológico de la Costa Grande


    This small museum houses six rooms with exhibits on the history, archaeology and culture of the Guerrero coast. It displays feature jewelry, stone tools,…

  • Playa Madera


    Shallow-watered Playa Madera is good for swimming. It's a pleasant five-minute walk east from downtown along a concrete walkway (popular with young…

  • Playa Municipal


    In front of downtown, this is Zihua's least appealing beach for bathing, since the water could be cleaner. But the water is calm and without strong…