Playa Larga


About 12km south of Zihuatanejo, just before the airport, Playa Larga has big surf, beachfront restaurants and horseback riding. This is where Andy Dufresne and Red of The Shawshank Redemption met up again after their lost years in prison together. To reach Playa Larga, take a ‘Coacoyul’ combi from Juárez near the corner of González and get off at the turnoff to Playa Larga; another combi will take you from the turnoff to the beach.

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Nearby Zihuatanejo attractions

1. Playa Manzanillo

1.29 MILES

This secluded white-sand beach near Playa Larga offers the best snorkeling in the area. It's reachable by boat from Zihuatanejo.

2. Playa La Ropa

2.79 MILES

The gorgeous white-sand expanse of Playa La Ropa (Clothes Beach) was named after a Spanish galleon that was wrecked and had its cargo of silks washed…

3. Playa Las Gatas

3.19 MILES

Isolated 'Cat Beach' is named – depending on whose story you believe – either after the whiskered nurse sharks that once inhabited its waters, or for the…

4. Playa Madera

3.39 MILES

Shallow-watered Playa Madera is good for swimming. It's a pleasant five-minute walk east from downtown along a concrete walkway (popular with young…

5. Museo Arqueológico de la Costa Grande

3.62 MILES

This small museum houses six rooms with exhibits on the history, archaeology and culture of the Guerrero coast. It displays feature jewelry, stone tools,…

6. Playa Municipal

3.66 MILES

In front of downtown, this is Zihua's least appealing beach for bathing, since the water could be cleaner. But the water is calm and without strong…

7. El Refugio de Potosí

6.19 MILES

This nature center rehabilitates injured wildlife, breeds butterflies and parrots, and contributes to environmental education in the area. The grounds are…

8. Playa El Palmar

7.39 MILES

Ixtapa's longest (2.5km) and broadest stretch of blond sand is overrun by parasailing and jet-skiing concessions. The sea takes on an aquamarine sheen in…