Ebony Forest of Chamarel

Top choice in Chamarel

One of the most exciting conservation initiatives in Mauritius in the last few years, the Ebony Forest seeks to recreate a small pocket of indigenous native forest, the likes of which covered the entire island just 250 years ago. When finished the forest will cover 45 hectares; around a third has been completed. There are 7km of hiking routes, two raised walkways that climb into the mid-canopy, safari jeeps, and an interpretation centre with a small shop.

Mauritius Wildlife Foundation has begun introducing two of Mauritius' most endangered signature species: the pink pigeon and echo parakeet. Other bird species to watch out for along the Ebony Forest's trails are the Mauritius paradise flycatcher, grey white-eye, Mauritius black bulbul, white-tailed tropicbird, Mascarene swiftlet and Mascarene swallow.

Ask about the special packages, which include birdwatching, guided hikes, and even a package for honeymooners called the 'Love Tree'.

To get here, you need to enter through the gate for Terres de 7 Couleurs.