Mauritius island, West coast, Rampart mountain at Tamarin

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Tamarin Beach

Top choice in Mauritius

Locals like to wax nostalgic about Tamarin Beach and its surfing heyday, and in many ways this sandy cove still feels like a throwback to earlier times, although things are changing. Tamarin remains a popular place and its beach has one of the most spectacular backdrops (looking north) in the country.

Once upon a time the area was known as Santosha Bay and offered wave hunters some of the best surfing on the planet. In fact, before the bay earned the name Santosha, locals refused to give the beach a moniker because they didn't want outsiders to discover their cache of surfable seas! Today, the waves and currents have changed and the surfing diehards have moved down the coast to Le Morne.

The walk between Tamarin Beach and southern Wolmar is very scenic and not accessible by car. (Women are advised not to walk it alone for security reasons.)

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