Taman Tasik Taiping


Taiping's centrepiece is a 64-hectare expanse of lagoons and grassland east of town. Created in 1880 on the site of an abandoned tin mine, the gardens owe their lush greenery to Taiping’s annual rainfall – thought to be the highest in Peninsular Malaysia. These artificial lakes are a pleasant place in which to picnic beneath a century-old tree, watching for the monitor lizards that glide through the algae-rich water. Alternatively, hire a paddleboat (RM10) and bob around.

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Nearby Taiping attractions

1. Zoo Taiping & Night Safari

0.46 MILES

Animals are always happiest in the wild, but Taiping's zoo is a well-maintained space managed by conservation-minded staff. Elephants have shade and space…

2. All Saints Church


Consecrated in 1887, this timber church is one of the oldest Anglican churches in Malaysia and is still used as a place of worship. The Gothic-inspired…

3. Masjid Daerah Taiping


With its prominent gold domes, this mosque is an arresting feature of central Taiping's skyline. Only Muslims may enter.

4. Muzium Perak

0.72 MILES

With many of Perak's museums in dire need of more funding, Taiping's well-maintained Muzium Perak stands out. Parts of the pristine, whitewashed building…

5. Taiping War Cemetery

0.93 MILES

Arranged across two green spaces bisected by a main road, this small cemetery has row upon row of headstones for the British, Australian and Indian troops…

6. Charcoal Factory

7.62 MILES

Ever dreamed of visiting a charcoal factory? Neither have we, but the 1930s-era warehouse piled with blackened tree trunks, and its accompanying charcoal…

7. Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve

7.73 MILES

Wooden boardwalks weave among the protruding, twisted tree roots of the Matang Mangrove Forest Reserve. The reserve is best known for its fireflies, which…

8. Malay College

14.16 MILES

North of town lies the first Malay school to provide English education for the Malay elite destined for the civil service (it was nicknamed 'the Eton of…