Muzium Orang Asli


Life, death and daily rituals of Peninsular Malaysia's indigenous peoples, the Orang Asli, are well explained at this museum in Gombak, half an hour by car northeast of Batu Caves. Across its two floors are displays of traditional weapons, clothing and handicrafts such as woven baskets. There are interesting insights into customs, taboos and traditional medicine, while an upper gallery details the Orang Asli's contribution to Malaysian politics and national security.

It's easiest to visit the museum by car (it's between KL and the Genting Highlands). A visit can also be combined with a trip to nearby Batu Caves. A taxi from the caves to the museum costs around RM25 (one way); it's best to do the trip in this direction and ask the driver to wait as it's difficult to find a taxi from the museum.

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