Pantai Pasir Hitam

Pulau Langkawi

West of Tanjung Rhu is Langkawi’s much touted but ultimately disappointing ‘black-sand beach’. It isn’t technically a black-sand beach, but mineral oxides have added their colour scheme to the coast. There’s a children’s playground, a small tourist market and, as a disturbing backdrop, the Kedah cement plant, which stands out like a post-apocalyptic, smoke-belching thumb amid the green.

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Nearby Pulau Langkawi attractions

1. Durian Perangin

2.64 MILES

The swimming pools here are a 10-minute walk up paved steps through the forest, with pagoda-like shaded seating areas along the way. The water is always…

2. Tanjung Rhu

2.98 MILES

On the north coast, Tanjung Rhu is one of Langkawi’s wider and better beaches, fronted by magnificent limestone stacks that bend the ocean into a pleasant…

3. Gunung Raya

4.25 MILES

The tallest mountain on Pulau Langkawi (881m) can be reached by a snaking, paved road through the jungle. It’s a spectacular drive to the top with views…

4. Pantai Pasir Tengkorak

4.38 MILES

This beautiful, secluded public beach, with its soft white sand, clear water, shady trees and jungle backdrop, is popular with locals on weekends; during…

5. Galeria Perdana

4.68 MILES

Established by prime minister Dr Mahathir Mohamad, who was born in Kedah and is credited with transforming the fortunes of Langkawi by granting it duty…

6. Kilim Karst Geoforest Park


The jetty near Tanjung Rhu is the main departure point for boat trips into the extensive mangrove forests with stunning limestone formations that edge…

7. Langkawi Wildlife Park

5.48 MILES

While there are plenty of animals around (with an emphasis on exotic birds), feeding is encouraged and animals are kept in relatively poor conditions…

8. Temurun Waterfall


A brief walk from the main road up to Teluk Datai, the falls here – the island’s tallest – are worth a look, though beware of food-stealing monkeys. The…