Sabile Synagogue

Abava River Valley

The imposing 1890 synagogue that hasn't seen any services since the Jewish population was killed in the Holocaust is being restored so it can be transformed into an art centre.

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1. Wooden Toy Museum


Well, this one is way cooler than just another small collection of toys from around the world. The owner, drawing teacher Andris Millers, makes mind…

2. Doll Garden


Latvia's answer to the Chinese terracotta army is entirely comprised of straw-filled unarmed civilians. Local folk artist Daina Kučera has filled a…

3. Pedvāle Art Park

0.86 MILES

Located 1.5km south of the centre, this open-air art extravaganza was founded by Ojars Feldbergs, a Latvian sculptor. Pedvāle showcases over 100 thought…

4. Riežupe Sand Caves

22.38 MILES

Located 5km outside of town along the unpaved Krasta iela, Riežupe Sand Caves feature 460m of labyrinthine tunnels that can be visited by candlelight…

5. Kuldīga Waterfall

23.02 MILES

Spanning 249m, Ventas Rumba is branded Europe's widest waterfall, though it's far from the tallest. Its subtle beauty becomes compelling the longer you…

6. Old Brick Bridge

23.05 MILES

The vaulted arches of the 1874 red-brick bridge are one of Kuldīga's favourite sites. At 154m, it's the third-longest brick bridge in Europe.

7. Castle Watchman’s House

23.11 MILES

The Castle Watchman’s House was built in 1735 to protect the ruins of the Livonian Order Castle. Legend has it that the house was the site of executions…

8. Kuldīga Historic Museum

23.12 MILES

This engaging museum is housed in what a local legend 'claims' was a Russian pavilion from the 1900 World Exhibition in Paris. The 2nd floor recreates the…