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Naturally, this is all quite attractive, so it can feel crammed, particularly at weekends and holidays. If you follow the herd, it can also feel highly packaged. To beat the crowds, plan your trip during the week, go hiking and sample some of Hakone's offbeat gems.

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$393.29 Multi-day & Extended Tours

2-Day Mt Fuji, Hakone and Bullet Train Tour from Tokyo

In just two days, you can experience lovely Hakone with six different types of transportation: coach, ferry, ropeway, cable car, train and bullet train. Enjoy a guided tour of Mt Fuji, followed by a free day exploring Hakone on your own with a transportation pass. Unwind from your travels with accommodation in a western-style room at Hakone Hotel Kowakien, famous for its hot spring baths. Upgrade for a Japanese-style room, including breakfast and dinner, with open-air baths at Yunohana Onsen Hotel.

$1014.80 Day Trips & Excursions

Private Tour: Chartered Car to Mt. Fuji and Hakone Lake Ashi

List of activities we can propose for the tour around the 5 lakes of Mt Fuji: Visit Fuji World Heritage center to explore about the history of Mt Fuji and its worship culture, which will be giving you a quick outline of the region and culture. Venture into Arakura Sengen Shrine to take Mt. Fuji with its famous five-story pagoda. It is a year-round scenic point. You can enjoy views of Mt Fuji with cherry blossoms in April and maple tree leaves turning red in November. See Oshino Hakkai village with traditional thatched roof houses and check out the wonderfully clear ponds formed by the water of Mt Fuji. Witness Ooishi Park another scenic view with this time Lake Kawaguchi and shop at Hanaterasu, cozy mall designed by a local artist just opened in summer 2017 to find traditional local craftwork and maybe have a coffee break where a barista will be waiting. Itchiku Kubota museum, not only his creation kimono but the museum itself is a whole artwork. From the Japanese style garden at the entrance, you will already be attracted by Itshiku's world. It is only here that you can see his beautiful kimono. Sake brewery and whiskey distillery to visit. We can have a stop to try sake made with Fuji water or Whiskey at Kirin distillery. You may also have a tour in the distillery if you let us know in advance. Narusawa ice cave and Wind Cave. And more places to have a scenic view of the day and alternatives on a difficult cloudy day. List of activities we can propose for the tour to Hakone:Enjoy a breathtaking viewpoint from a ridge. Visit Onshi Hakone park a Japanese style garden originally owned by the imperial family, now open to the public. Another stunning view of Mt Fuji with lake Ashi. Explore Hakone Shrine most visited Shinto shrine of the region, make a wish and thank the Shinto god and take pictures with the Torii red Shinto gate rising from the lake. If you are lucky you might be able to see traditional festival too. Komagatake ropeway to catch another scenic view from 1327m meter high, definitely one of the best views when the sky clears up. Be prepared to cover up yourself because the temperature is much lower. Lake cruising on the famous pirate ship or on a regular cruiser and it will be from the regular ship that you can actually take the surreal shot of the pirate ship in Lake Ashi. See the volcanic activity at Owakudani Valley and eat the black egg boiled from the hot spring. The story tells that if you eat one egg you will live 7 years longer. Experience yourself or just get some as a souvenir, the local craftwork Yosegi Tsukuri, only found in Hakone using different types of trees to make patterns with natural color. Visit the beautiful Japanese castle of Odawara owned by the powerful feudal lord, Hojo family. If you wish, you can end your day relaxing in a hot spring like the locals do after their journey before heading back to the busy city.

$89.30 Day Trips & Excursions

Mt Fuji Tour: Lake Ashi Cruise, Odawara Castle from Tokyo

Your exciting day trip begins with pickup at selected hotels in Shinjuku, Tokyo by coach. Then relax on a scenic 2-hour transfer to Odawara located in Kanagawa Prefecture. Upon arrival, the coach will stop at Odawara Castle Park. The castle is dated back to the mid-1400s and has been rebuilt a few times. Stroll around the castle for approx. 40 to 50 minutes. If you travel in late March, you might also be able to see beautiful cherry blossoms blooming in the grounds. Later, go to the nearby local restaurant for an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet lunch featuring Japanese, Chinese and Western style food. After lunch, you’ll be driven to Hakone for a 30-minute Lake Ashi cruise on a replica pirate ship. While you glide across the crater lake, enjoy the fresh air and, on a clear day, also admire the mesmerizing view of Mt Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain with an elevation of about 12,300 feet (3,770 m). Afterwards, head to the next destination - Mishima Skywalk, Japan's longest pedestrian-only suspension bridge, and stroll around for approx. 1 hour. On a clear day, stunning uninterrupted views of Mt Fuji can be seen. When the tour concludes, your coach will take you back to Shinjuku. *Please note that this tour has not visited Mt. Fuji New 5th Station since 2017 and from 2018, crab will be unavailable for lunch and is replaced by a seafood BBQ instead.

$117.20 Cruises, Sailing & Water Tours

Mt Fuji Tour: 5th Station, Pirate Cruise, Outlets from Tokyo

After pickup in the morning in Shinjuku, your tour bus will directly go to Hakone Lake Ashi. Hakone sightseeing cruise "Pirate Ship" is not only an important transportation on Lake Ashi, but also a popular sightseeing activity among visitors. The ship is a pirate-themed ship and there are many pirate statues on the ship, which enable visitors to take fun photos. While sailing on the lake, you are able to take a look at the beautiful sky, mountains and Japanese architecture. If it is a clear day, you will be able to see all of Mt Fuji. After the private Ship ride, time to enjoy a buffet lunch at popular local restaurant called "Shabu Yo", which is a famous restaurant for eating chicken or pork shabu-shabu! Apart from the meat, there is also a wide range of gourmet dishes included all-you-can-eat udon noodles, vegetables, curry and desserts. A soft drink bar is also offered for all-you-can-drink! Eat as much as you can to recharge for your remaining journey! After lunch, the bus will be going to Mt Fuji 5th Station, a spot for a nice view! You can enjoy yourself by sightseeing and taking some memorable pictures here. However, the road towards Mt Fuji New 5th Station is only open from late April to mid-November, so when the road towards is blocked off, you will be guided to visit the "Mizu ga Tsuka Park" near to Mt. Fuji New 5th Station instead.The last stop is the Gotemba Premium Outlets, one of the largest outlets in Japan. They offer over 200 shops including popular Japanese brands as well as luxurious international designer brands. In addition, it is near Mt Fuji, Hakone and other resort areas so that you are able to enjoy the nature while shopping. After the Gotemba Premium Outlets, your bus will return to Shinjuku where the tour concludes.

$89.30 Day Trips & Excursions

Hakone Tour from Tokyo, Lake Ashinoko Cruise, Mt. Komagatake

Meet your friendly tour conductor at a central Tokyo meeting point, then relax on a scenic 2.5-hour transfer to Hakone. After arriving in Hakone, board a pirate ship cruise for a thrilling 30-minute sail, enjoying the spectacular views of Mt. Fuji. After stopping at Tokendai Harbour, head to Togendai Station, where you will take the Hakone Ropeway for approximately 16 minutes to Owakudani Station. From the station, walk to Owakudani Valley, where you will have around 45 minutes to take in the breathtaking sights. [*Please note: From May 23rd to 30th, some parts of the Hakone ropeway will be closed due to regular safety maintenance. The ropeway section for the tour will be changed: Sounzan - Owakudani (8 minutes)] Then, head to "Akakara Gotemba", a local restaurant, where you will enjoy a buffet lunch for about 70 minutes including around 70 dishes such as beef, pork and chicken yakiniku, deep-fried chicken, kushikatsu skewered meat cutlet with miso, dessert, etc. After lunch, make a pitstop at the Gotemba premium outlets for about two hours to shop for souvenirs. From there, you will head back to Tokyo, where your tour concludes. The approximate arrival time to Shinjuku is 18:00-18:30.

$117.08 Day Trips & Excursions

Hakone Cruise, Sledding, Gotemba Outlet Tour from Tokyo

In the morning at Shinjuku, your tour bus will go directly to Hakone Lake Ashi. The Hakone sightseeing cruise "Pirate Ship" is not only an important form of transportation on Lake Ashi, but also a popular sightseeing activity. The ship was made based on the theme of pirates. There are also many pirate statues on the ship, which enable visitors to take photos. While sailing on the lake, you'll able to take a look at the beautiful sky, mountains, and the Japanese architecture. If it is a clear day, you will be able to see the whole of Mt. Fuji.After the ride, you'll stop for lunch. You will be offered a "Mount Fuji Chanko Nabe". Chanko Nabe was very well known as regular meal for Japanese Sumo wrestler. Recover your energy just like the way of Sumo Wrestler! After the satisfying lunch, it'll be time to do some sledding. If you have never seen snow or tried sledding before, you will definitely fall in love with this activity. It is located at Grinpa Ski Resort. To be precised, it is around the 2nd station of Mount Fuji. In other words, in a clear day, you will be able to enjoy the view of Mount Fuji, while playing with snow! The last stop will be at Gotemba Premium Outlets, one of the largest outlets in Japan. They offer over 200 shops including popular Japanese brands as well as luxurious international brands. In addition, it is near Mt. Fuji, Hakone, and other resort areas so you'll able to enjoy the nature while shopping. After Gotemba Premium Outlets, your bus will return to Shinjuku.