Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Art

Ueno & Yanesen

This museum hosts blockbuster shows with art on loan from local and international museums (such as New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art); you could be lucky and catch the likes of Van Gogh and Renoir, or a Japanese master such as Léonard Tsuguharu Foujita. Other exhibition halls are given over to local artistic associations, whose shows include works (ceramics, calligraphy etc) from living artists.

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1. Kuroda Memorial Hall


Kuroda Seiki (1866–1924) is considered the father of modern Western-style painting in Japan. This 1928-vintage hall, an annex to Tokyo National Museum,…

2. Ueno Zoo

0.11 MILES

Japan’s oldest zoo, established in 1882, is home to animals from around the globe, but the biggest attractions are the giant pandas from China, Rī Rī and…

3. Kuro-mon

0.12 MILES

West of the main gate to Tokyo National Museum is the Kuro-mon (Black Gate), transported from the Edo-era mansion of a feudal lord. You can view the…

4. Gallery of Hōryū-ji Treasures

0.12 MILES

This enchanting gallery, part of the Tokyo National Museum, displays masks, metalwork and sculptures from the temple Hōryū-ji (in Nara Prefecture, dating…

5. University Art Museum

0.13 MILES

Tokyo University of the Arts, commonly known as Geidai, is Japan's top art school. Its collection dates back to 1887 and includes over 28,000 items, a…

6. Ueno-kōen

0.15 MILES

Best known for its profusion of cherry trees that burst into blossom in spring (making this one of Tokyo's top hanami – blossom-viewing – spots),…

8. Hyokeikan

0.16 MILES

Within the grounds of the Tokyo National Museum, this grand 1909 Western-style hall is only used for special exhibitions and events.