Tsukuda Ohashi

Ginza & Tsukiji

Linking Tsukiji to the island of Tsukishima, this was the first bridge to be built over the Sumida-gawa after WWII.

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1. Sumiyoshi-jinja


This small shrine is dedicated to the protection of fishermen (look for the detailed wooden carvings of them on the building's beams). It was originally…

2. Tsukudako-bashi

0.13 MILES

This tiny, picturesque bridge with attractive red rails spans a tidal inlet and is a popular filming location for TV shows and movies.

3. Kachidoki-bashi

0.51 MILES

Built in 1940, this is the only drawbridge over the Sumida-gawa, but it hasn't been raised since 1970.

4. Tsukiji Hongwan-ji

0.54 MILES

When this impressive branch of the mother temple in Kyoto fell victim to the Great Kantō Earthquake of 1923, it was rebuilt in a classical Indian style,…

5. Tsukiji Market

0.62 MILES

Tokyo's main wholesale market may have moved to Toyosu, but there are many reasons to visit its old home. The tightly packed rows of vendors (which once…

6. Namiyoke-jinja

0.63 MILES

When Tsukiji's shrine was first built in the mid-1600s it was on the edge of the water – that's how much land reclamation has happened since. The name,…

7. Kabukiza Gallery

0.77 MILES

If you have a ticket to see a show at the Kabukiza theatre, you get a ¥100 discount on entry to this small gallery displaying stage props, scenery and…

8. National Film Archive of Japan

0.83 MILES

Here you'll find an archive of Japanese and foreign films, as well as books, periodicals, posters and other materials. There are daily screenings of…