Temple 88: Ōkubo-ji

Top choice in Kagawa Prefecture

The last of the Shikoku pilgrimage's 88 Temples sits in the mountains in the southeast of Kagawa Prefecture and is well worth a visit. It's fitting that walking henro should face a stiff climb to get to the final temple, though if they are doing it properly, they still have to walk back to Temple 1 to complete the circle – for the search for enlightenment is like a circle, never-ending.

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1. Shikoku-mura

11.95 MILES

About 500m north of Yashima station, Shikoku-mura is an excellent village museum that houses old buildings transported here from all over Shikoku and…

2. Temple 85: Yakuri-ji

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Half the fun of visiting Yakuri-ji may be riding the retro cable car up and down to the temple, but this is a spectacular place in its own right, sitting…

3. Isamu Noguchi Garden Museum

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Born in Los Angeles to a Japanese poet and an American writer, Noguchi (1904–1988) set up a studio and residence here in 1970. Today the complex is filled…

4. Temple 84: Yashima-ji

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Yashima-ji, Temple 84 of the 88, sits atop the tabletop mountain of Yashima, to the east of Takamatsu. This was the site of a decisive battle between the…

5. Ritsurin-kōen East Gate

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The East Gate to Ritsurin-kōen is a beautiful place to start a walking course through the garden.

6. Ritsurin-kōen

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One of the most beautiful gardens in the country, Ritsurin-kōen dates from the mid-1600s and took more than a century to complete. Designed as a walking…

7. Sanuki Folkcraft Museum

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This museum in Ritsurin-kōen displays local crafts, household goods, furniture and roof tiles in its four halls, dating back to the Tokugawa dynasty.

8. Ritsurin-kōen North Gate

13.49 MILES

The North Gate to Ritsurin-kōen is nearest to the Ritsurinkōen-kitaguchi Station on the JR Kotoku line.