Art House Project

Top choice in Naoshima

In Honmura, half a dozen traditional buildings have been turned over to contemporary artists to use as the setting for creative installations, often incorporating local history. Highlights include Shinro Ohtake's shack-like Haisha, its Statue of Liberty sculpture rising up through the levels of the house; James Turrell's experiment with light in Minamidera, where you enter in total darkness...and wait; and Hiroshi Sugimoto's play on the traditional Go'o Shrine, with a glass staircase and narrow underground 'Stone Chamber'.

The sites are within walking distance of each other. Take the Naoshima bus to the Nōkyō-mae stop to start exploring. Buy a ticket at the tourist counter in the Miyanoura ferry terminal, at Honmura Lounge, or at the tobacco shop near the bus stop.

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Nearby Naoshima attractions

1. Haisha

0.01 MILES

The shack-like Haisha by Shinro Ohtake is a highlight of the Art House Project collection of sites, notable for its Statue of Liberty sculpture, which…

2. Minamidera

0.15 MILES

Minamidera, one of the sites within the Art House Project, is a James Turrell experiment with light. Queue up to enter in total darkness…and wait…

3. Go'o Shrine

0.21 MILES

One of the sites in the Art House Project collection, this is Hiroshi Sugimoto's play on the traditional Go'o Shrine, with a glass staircase and a very…

4. Lee Ufan Museum

0.89 MILES

Adding to the Benesse Art Site's suite of museums is yet another design from the irrepressible Tadao Ando. It houses works by the renowned Korean-born…

5. Chichū Art Museum

0.93 MILES

A work of art itself, this museum designed by Tadao Ando consists of a series of cool concrete-walled spaces sitting snugly underground. Lit by natural…

6. Yellow Pumpkin

0.94 MILES

This yellow pumpkin sculpture, by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama, has become a symbol of Naoshima. It's perched on the end of a small jetty. Pumpkins are…

7. Benesse House Museum

1.01 MILES

Award-winning architect Tadao Ando designed this stunning museum and hotel on the south coast of the island. Among the works here are pieces by Andy…

8. Red Pumpkin


You can actually walk inside this larger sculpture, a sibling to Naoshima's iconic Yellow Pumpkin by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama. The red artwork is…