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Temple One: Ryōzen-ji

Top choice in Tokushima & the Anan Coast

Ryōzen-ji is Temple One of the 88 Sacred Temples of Shikoku pilgrimage. It is called Temple One because it was the first that temple pilgrims came to after arriving on Shikoku following a visit to Kōya-san in Wakayama Prefecture to ask Kōbō Daishi for his support on their journey. Everything you need is here, from guidebooks (in English too) to pilgrim wear and temple stamp books. Savour the serenity and the history – the pilgrimage has been walked for 1200 years.

Take a local train from Tokushima to Bandō (板東; ¥260, 20 minutes). The temple is a 10- to 15-minute walk (about 700m) northwest of the station; the map at Bandō Station will point you in the right direction.

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