Uzu-no-michi Viewing Walkway

Top choice in Tokushima & the Anan Coast

For an intriguing bird's-eye view of the whirlpools, you can walk out along this breezy 450m-long walkway hanging underneath the Naruto Bridge, which puts you 42m directly above the action. There is an observation gallery with glass floors through which you can gaze down at the whirlpools. Check the website for the best time to view the whirlpools on the day you go.

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1. Naruto-kōen

0.16 MILES

Naruto Park sits at the Shikoku end of the Naruto bridge and has observation platforms from where you can view the Naruto straits, the bridge and the…

2. Otsuka Museum of Art

0.44 MILES

One from the 'only in Japan file', this incredible 'ceramic board masterpiece museum' features more than 1000 replicas of priceless Western art on ceramic…

3. Ōnaruto-hashi


Linking Shikoku to Awaji-shima, impressive Ōnaruto-hashi was completed in 1985. Later, when the world's longest suspension bridge, the Akashi Kaikyō…

4. Temple One: Ryōzen-ji

9.65 MILES

Ryōzen-ji is Temple One of the 88 Sacred Temples of Shikoku pilgrimage. It is called Temple One because it was the first that temple pilgrims came to…

5. Awa Jūrobe Yashiki Puppet Theatre

10.5 MILES

For hundreds of years, puppet theatre thrived in the farming communities around Tokushima. Performances can still be seen here, in the former residence of…

6. Awa Deko Ningyō Kaikan

10.5 MILES

This small museum displays puppets made by the in-house master at Awa Jūrobe Yashiki Puppet Theatre, who also gives talks (in Japanese) on the puppet…

7. Chūō-kōen

12.23 MILES

Northeast of the train station is Tokushima's central park, Chūō-kōen, a lovely place for a stroll. You'll find the scant ruins of Tokushima-jō (Tokushima…

8. Tokushima Castle Museum

12.29 MILES

You can get a glimpse into the castle's former Edo-period grandeur at Tokushima Castle Museum, which contains a model of the castle town as well as…