Rise & Win Brewing Co. BBQ & General Store

Top choice in Tokushima & the Anan Coast

Got to love this place. Everything at Rise & Win's brewery restaurant in Kamikatsu is recycled from old town buildings, from the incredible spectacle of framed windows that make up the building's facade to the centrepiece 'bottle chandelier'. Kamikatsu is on a mission to be Japan's first zero-waste town and Rise & Win is living the dream, attracting plenty of craft-beer fans to its inventive HQ.

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1. Temple 21: Tairyū-ji

6.02 MILES

While most henro over the past 1200 years have struggled up steep mountain paths to get to Tairyū-ji, these days this magnificent mountaintop temple is…

2. Tokushima Modern Art Museum

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With a permanent collection that includes modern masters, both Japanese and Western, this surprisingly sophisticated prefectural museum houses two- and…

3. Tokushima Prefectural Museum

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Full of huge dinosaur skeletons and engaging natural-history exhibits, this prefectural museum will keep kids entertained for hours.

4. Bizan

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At the foot of Bizan, the 280m-high summit at the southwestern end of Shinmachibashi-dōri, the Bizan Ropeway whizzes you to the top for fine city views. A…

5. Bizan Ropeway

12.23 MILES

A cable car whizzes guests to the top of Mt Bizan for fine views over the city.

6. ACTY 21

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Landmark building in Tokushima's Akita-machi district.

7. Awa Odori Kaikan

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Awa Odori Kaikan features extensive exhibits relating to the Awa-odori Matsuri and dance. The dance is performed for visitors at 2pm, 3pm and 4pm daily …

8. Senshūkaku-teien

12.96 MILES

Adjacent to Tokushima Castle Museum is the beautiful Senshūkaku-teien, an intimate 16th-century garden featuring rock bridges and secluded ponds.