Glover Garden

Gardens in Nagasaki

Some two dozen former homes of the city's Meiji-period European residents and other important buildings have been reassembled in this beautifully landscaped hillside garden, with breathtaking views across the harbour. Glover Garden is named after Scottish merchant and industrialist Thomas Glover (1838–1911), who built Japan's first railway and helped establish the shipbuilding industry, and whose arms-importing operations influenced the course of the Meiji Restoration.

Start by taking the moving walkways to the top of the hill, then work your way back down.

The Mitsubishi No 2 Dock building is at the top, with panoramic views of the city and harbour from the 2nd floor. Next highest is Walker House, filled with artefacts donated by the Glover and Walker families, followed by Ringer House, Alt House and finally Glover House. Halfway down is the Madame Butterfly Statue of Japanese opera singer Tamaki Miura. Exit the garden through the Nagasaki Traditional Performing Arts Museum, which has a display of dragons and floats used in Nagasaki's colourful Kunchi Matsuri.

The 'audio pen' guide, available near the ticket office, gives lots of detailed commentary and costs ¥700, although the map that comes with it can be confusing.