Gunkanjima Digital Museum


For days when Gunkanjima is inaccessible (or even when it's not), you can tour the island from afar via high-tech video presentations and virtual-reality experiences, most available with English translations. Reserve for the 'mixed-reality' game/tour, in which you try to catch holograms (¥1000 extra) on a virtual-reality Gunkanjima. Discounted tickets available for children up to 18. The museum closes irregularly.

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Nearby Nagasaki attractions

1. Glover Garden

0.12 MILES

Some two dozen former homes of the city's Meiji-period European residents and other important buildings have been reassembled in this beautifully…

2. Ōura Cathedral

0.13 MILES

This hilltop church, Japan's oldest (1864), is dedicated to the 26 Christians who were crucified in Nagasaki in 1597. The former seminary and bishop's…

3. Glover House

0.14 MILES

A Unesco World Heritage site and Japan's oldest wooden Western-style building, this house, and the garden around it, are named for Thomas Glover (1838…

5. Walker House

0.18 MILES

Walker House in Glover Garden is filled with artefacts donated by the Glover and Walker families. Look for both Japanese and Western design touches.

6. Madame Butterfly Statue

0.19 MILES

Inside Glover Garden, this statue memorialises Japanese opera singer Tamaki Miura, who performed as Cio-Cio-san in Puccini's famous opera Madame Butterfly…

8. Ringer House

0.21 MILES

A historic house in the hillside Glover Garden, this important cultural property has been in its original location since the 1860s. The first owner was a…