Peter Tosh Monument

Monument in Bluefields & Belmont

Many monuments make a political statement, and the memorial to reggae superstar Peter Tosh, just off the beach road in Belmont, is no exception. And the cause here is, as Tosh once sang, to ‘legalize it.’ This is a casual place with few visitors, run by the Tosh family and featuring a shockingly overpriced 'tour' of Tosh's mother's grave, Tosh's own tomb painted in Rasta colours, and a lacklustre garden. A tip is expected, too. For seriously hard-core fans only.

You can guess what ‘it’ is that Tosh wanted to legalize, but if not, just check all the murals, which depict a Rasta man with a huge joint, jumbo marijuana leaves, and, best of all, a red-eyed Lion of Zion on Tosh’s actual tomb.

The chilled-out atmosphere is a stark contrast to the tourist maelstrom surrounding fellow Wailer Bob Marley’s mausoleum in Nine Mile, but the principle of overcharging visitors for a paltry attraction is true in both cases. The caretaker won't tell you anything about Tosh that a fan wouldn't know already and the only time we recommend a visit is in mid-October when the annual Peter Tosh Birthday Bash, an informal local affair, features live roots reggae music played deep into the night.