Bluefields Beach Park


Well signed from the Winston Jones Hwy (A2), this beach is a narrow stretch of pale sand, as beautiful as it is ignored by foreign tourists (although it’s quite popular with locals on weekends). During the early evening and on weekends, you’ll find a nice collection of food stalls featuring locally caught fresh fish and plenty of Red Stripe.

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1. Bluefields Great House

0.49 MILES

Philip Gosse was one of the great polymaths of his time: the man who both popularized the aquarium and modified its design, and illustrator of gorgeously…

2. Belmont Beach

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There are actually two small Belmont Beaches, but one is too rocky to relax on and the other is a major mooring point for fishing boats. That said, if the…

3. Peter Tosh Monument

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4. Savanna-la-Mar Fort

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5. Courthouse

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The most interesting building in town is the Sav courthouse, built in 1925, where there’s a fountain made of cast iron inscribed with the words, ‘Keep the…

6. St George’s Parish Church

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This church, opposite the courthouse, was built in 1905. It’s uninspired, but has a stately pipe organ that was dedicated in 1914.

7. Manning’s School

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At the north end of town by the roundabout known as Hendon Circle is the very handsome Manning’s School, built in 1738 and named after Westmoreland…

8. Roaring River Park

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This natural beauty spot revolves around a series of caves, rich with Taíno and runaway slave history. A guide shows you around, and you then swim in the…