Old Tavern Coffee Estate

Plantation in Section & Clydesdale

Old Tavern Coffee Estate lies about 1.5km southwest of Section. Dorothy Twyman and her son David produce the superb Blue Mountain coffee. The Twymans welcome visitors by prior arrangement. You're treated to a lesson on coffee growing and production as well as a tasting session of two of the three arabica-bean roasts: dark, medium-dark and medium. Additionally, they produce the rare peaberry variety with a mild, subtle flavor.

The late Alex Twyman emigrated to Jamaica from England in 1958 and started growing coffee a decade later, his son now keeping up the tradition. Dorothy oversees the roasting, meticulously performing quality control by taste. The environmentally conscious Twymans keep their use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers to a minimum and compost all by-products before returning them to the soil