Museo Civico Archeologico 'Isidoro Falchi'

Southern Tuscany

Piazza Vatluna off Vetulonia's main street boasts spectacular views over the surrounding countryside and is also home to this small museum, which brings Etruscan history to life through a display of artefacts excavated from local Etruscan tombs and settlements. Highlights include a 7th-century-BC bronze helmet, shield and leggings in Room B upstairs, and bronze statues of the domestic divinità (divinities) dating from the third to first centuries BC on the ground floor.

Ask staff at the museum for a map showing the location of excavated Etruscan tombs near the village that can be visited. These are usually open from 10.30am and 6.30pm Saturday to Monday and Wednesday to Thursday. Tomb number 6 ('Pietrera') is probably the most interesting.

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