Cattedrale di San Cerbone

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Presiding over photogenic Piazza Garibaldi (aka Piazza Duomo), Massa Marittima's asymmetrically positioned 13th-century duomo (cathedral) is dedicated to St Cerbonius, the town's patron saint, always depicted surrounded by a flock of geese. Inside, don't miss the free-standing Maestà (Madonna and Child Enthroned in Majesty; 1316), attributed by some experts to Duccio di Buoninsegna.

The other treasures of the duomo include a carved marble urn known as the Arca di San Cerbone (St Cerbone's Ark; 1324) behind the high altar and an early-14th-century polychrome wooden crucifix carved by Giovanni Pisano on the altar itself. The facade's main doorway is topped by carved panels depicting scenes from St Cerbonius' life.

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