Underground chamber tombs carved into the sandstone, Etruscan Necropolis of the Caves, Populonia. They all date back to the Hellenistic period (4th - 2nd century BC).

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Parco Archeologico di Baratti e Populonia

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The Etruscan sites on display here are some of Tuscany's finest. Four marked walking trails lead through a vast green park, revealing a ruined town and well-preserved prehistoric tombs. The gigantic circular tumulus tombs in the Necropoli di San Cerbone are among the most impressive and are visited on a one-hour Italian-language guided tour that enters the Tomba dei Carri, which is a whopping 28m in diameter. The Acropolis can be visited on a self-guided 90-minute tour.

A 90-minute Va del Ferro trail explores tumulus tombs and the ruins of ancient buildings.

The two-hour Via delle Cave trail leads through shady woodland to ranks of chamber tombs that have been hacked out of the soft ochre sandstone; ancient quarries are also dotted around. The scenic Via del Monastero trail (2½ hours) breaks off from the Via della Cave trail and continues to the Benedictine Monastery of San Quirico and on towards the Acropoli of Populonia.

The Via della Romanella (Metal Working Trail; 2½ hours) leads to the Etruscan Acropoli di Populonia (settlement of Populonia). Digs here have revealed the foundations of a 2nd-century-BC Etruscan temple; you'll see the remains of Roman temples, the city's central square, some towering terracing and an evocative, roughly paved road.

Bring a sun hat, sun cream and sturdy shoes. Outside summer, the Necropoli are open on weekdays and the entire park is only open on weekends.

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