Chiesa e Convento di San Francesco


Make your way up steep walled Via San Francesco and be blown away by the staggeringly beautiful panorama of Florence that unfolds from the terrace adjoining this 15th-century church and former convent. Grassy-green afternoon-nap spots abound and the tourist office has brochures outlining walking trails (1km to 3.5km) from here.

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Nearby Fiesole attractions

1. Cattedrale di San Romolo

0.13 MILES

Fiesole's cathedral, begun in the 11th century, stands sentry over the central square. Look out for the glazed terracotta statue of San Romolo by Giovanni…

2. Museo Bandini

0.15 MILES

The collection of early Tuscan Renaissance works inside this tiny art museum includes fine medallions by Giovanni della Robbia (c 1505–20) and Taddeo…

3. Area Archeologica

0.17 MILES

Make the Area Archeologica your first stop. A pretty site to stroll, the archaeological area ensnares an Etruscan temple (Fiesole was founded in the 7th…

4. Museo Primo Conti


From Fiesole's central square, a 400m walk along Via Giovanni Dupré brings you to this quaint house-museum where the eponymous avant-garde 20th-century…

5. Museo Stibbert

2.06 MILES

Anglo-Italian, Florence-born Frederick Stibbert (1838–1906) was one of the grand 19th-century wheeler-dealers on the European antiquities market and…

6. Giardino dei Semplici

2.49 MILES

Founded in 1545 to furnish medicine to the Medici, Florence's botanical gardens – managed today by the university – are a wonderfully peaceful retreat in…

7. Museo di San Marco

2.61 MILES

At the heart of Florence's university area sits Chiesa di San Marco and an adjoining 15th-century Dominican monastery where both gifted painter Fra'…

8. Chiesa della Santissima Annunziata

2.61 MILES

Established in 1250 by the founders of the Servite order and rebuilt by Michelozzo and others in the mid-15th century, this Renaissance church is most…