Museo Nazionale Pepoli

Museum in Trapani

In a former Carmelite monastery, this museum houses the collection of Conte Pepoli, who devoted his life to salvaging Trapani's local arts and crafts, most notably the garish coral carvings – once all the rage in Europe, before Trapani's offshore coral banks were decimated. The museum also has a good collection of Gagini sculptures, silverwork, archaeological artefacts and religious art.

Don't miss Andrea Tipa's gaudy 18th-century presepe (Nativity scene or crèche) made of alabaster, coral, shells and other marine material, or the significantly less ornate but far more beautiful coral carvings by Fra' Matteo Bavera. Other highlights include an extraordinary cassetta reliquaria (relic box) from the workshop of Alberto and Andrea Tipa and remnants of painted tile floors from the Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie (featuring fishing scenes) and the Chiesa di Santa Lucia (with scenes of Trapani's city centre).