Chiesa di Nostra Signora di Valverde

Southwestern Sardinia

Next to the town cemetery, about 750m from Piazza Quintino Sella, is another of Iglesias' historic churches. It retains little of its 13th-century structure except for its elegant red trachyte facade.

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1. Piazza Quintino Sella

0.45 MILES

Iglesias' largest square, Piazza Quintino Sella was laid out in the 19th-century in what was at the time a field outside the city walls. It soon became a…

2. Castello Salvaterra

0.52 MILES

Just off Piazza Quintino Sella, stairs lead to a stout square tower. This is all that remains of the Castello Salvaterra, the once-mighty Pisan fortress…

3. Centro Storico

0.55 MILES

Piazza Quintino Sella, Iglesias' central square, was laid out in the 19th century in what was at the time a field outside the city walls. Just off the…

4. Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie

0.61 MILES

Originally constructed at the end of the 13th century, the modest Chiesa di Santa Maria delle Grazie retains little of its original form. About the only…

5. Archivio Storico

0.63 MILES

Records illustrating Iglesias' past are kept in the Archivio Storico, the city's historical archive. Of particular interest is the 1327 Breve di Villa di…

6. Palazzo Vescovile

0.67 MILES

Flanking the Cattedrale di Santa Chiara on Piazza del Municipio is the bishop's 18th-century residence, the Palazzo Vescovile. It is closed to the public.

7. Cattedrale di Santa Chiara

0.68 MILES

Dominating the eastern flank of Piazza del Municipio, the Cattedrale di Santa Chiara has a lovely Pisan-flavoured gold-hued facade and a checkerboard…

8. Museo dell'Arte Mineraria

0.68 MILES

Just outside the historic centre, Iglesias' main museum is dedicated to the town's mining heritage. It displays up to 70 extraction machines, alongside…