Tempio di Adriano

Centro Storico

Eleven huge Corinthian columns are all that's left of the 2nd-century Tempio di Adriano. The temple formerly housed Rome’s stock exchange and is now used to host conferences and business events.

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1. Piazza di Pietra

0.02 MILES

This charming piazza, surrounded by popular bars and cafes, is overlooked by 11 huge Corinthian columns – all that's left of the 2nd-century Tempio di…

2. Piazza di Sant’Ignazio Loyola

0.04 MILES

Laid out in 1727 to resemble a theatrical set, complete with exits into ‘the wings’, this exquisite rococo piazza is home to the 17th-century Chiesa di…

4. Obelisk

0.07 MILES

The emperor Augustus had this 6th-century-BC obelisk brought from Heliopolis in Egypt to celebrate his victory over Cleopatra and Mark Antony in 30 BC…

5. Colonna di Marco Aurelio

0.07 MILES

Towering over Piazza Colonna, the 30m-high Colonna di Marco Aurelio was completed in AD 193 to honour Marcus Aurelius’ military victories. Its vivid…

6. Piazza Colonna

0.09 MILES

Together with the adjacent Piazza di Montecitorio, this stylish piazza is Rome’s political nerve centre. On its northern flank, the 16th-century Palazzo…

7. Palazzo di Montecitorio

0.09 MILES

Home to Italy’s Chamber of Deputies, this baroque palazzo was built by Bernini in 1653, expanded by Carlo Fontana in the late 17th century, and given an…

8. Palazzo Chigi


Located on the northern flank of Piazza Colonna, the 16th-century Palazzo Chigi has been the official residence of Italy’s prime minister since 1961…