Basilica dei SS Giovanni e Paolo al Celio

San Giovanni & Testaccio

A popular wedding location, this handsome medieval church dates to the 4th century when it was built over the houses of two Roman martyrs. It has since been much altered, though you can still explore the ancient houses that lie beneath it, the so-called Case Romane.

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1. Case Romane

0.04 MILES

According to tradition, two Roman soldiers, John and Paul (not to be confused with the Apostles), lived in these houses before they were beheaded by the…

2. Chiesa di San Gregorio al Celio

0.11 MILES

Ring for admission to this landmark church standing on the spot where Pope Gregory the Great supposedly dispatched St Augustine to convert the British…

3. Palatino Entrance

0.14 MILES

About 250m down from the Colosseum, this is the main entrance/exit for the Palatino (Palatine Hill).

4. Domus Severiana

0.24 MILES

An extension to the main imperial palace on the Palatino, the Domus was constructed by the emperor Settimio Severo between the end of the 2nd century AD…

5. Arcate Severiane

0.24 MILES

A series of towering arches in the southern area of the Palatino built to facilitate the development of the imperial residence.

6. Terme di Settimio Severo

0.24 MILES

This baths complex on the Palatino was built by the emperor Domitian, finished by Settimio Severo, after whom its named, and later modified by Maxentius…

7. Arco di Costantino

0.25 MILES

On the western side of the Colosseum, this monumental triple arch was built in AD 315 to celebrate the emperor Constantine's victory over his rival…

8. Villa Celimontana

0.25 MILES

With its grassy banks and colourful flower beds, this leafy park is a wonderful place to escape the crowds and enjoy a summer picnic. At its centre is a…