Museo Nazionale dell'Automobile

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in Turin
Image by Claudio Divizia / Shutterstock
Image by Claudio Divizia / Shutterstock

As the historic birthplace of one of the world's leading car manufacturers – the ‘T’ in Fiat stands for Torino – Turin is the obvious place for a car museum. This dashing modern museum, located roughly 5km south of the city centre, doesn't disappoint with its precious collection of more than 200 automobiles – everything from an 1892 Peugeot to a 1980 Ferrari 308 (in red, of course).

The museum – rather than leaving you to gawp helplessly at boring engines – takes you on a roller-coaster journey spread over three floors; the first part a car chronology, the second a more technical look at car design, and the third a self-critical assessment of issues such as pollution and congestion.