Piazza Galimberti


Arriving in Cuneo's gargantuan main piazza, you'd think you'd just touched down in a capital city. Finished in 1884, it sits aside an older portico-embellished town founded in 1198.

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1. Museo Civico di Cuneo

0.38 MILES

Cuneo has some wonderfully dark and mysterious churches. The oldest is the deconsecrated San Francisco convent and church, which today hosts this museum…

2. Parco Naturale del Marguareis

13.85 MILES

This 6800-hectare park spreads across two valleys – the Valle Pesio and Valle Tanaro – located in an area south and east of Cuneo. It's a great place for…

3. Castiglia di Saluzzo

17.7 MILES

Saluzzo's medieval rulers meted out justice from the 13th-century Castello dei Marchesi – aka the Castiglia – atop Saluzzo's old town. There are guided…

4. Torre Civica

17.76 MILES

The burnt-red-tiled rooftops of Saluzzo's old town make a timeless picture from the loggia (balcony) beneath this 15th-century belfry, which is reached…

5. Parco Naturale Alpi Marittime

17.81 MILES

Piedmont's largest park is home to spectacular landscapes, encompassing wildflower-filled grasslands, topaz lakes, shimmering glaciers and jagged mountain…

6. Musée des Merveilles

20.76 MILES

In Tende, this museum provides useful context if you're visiting the prehistoric carvings of the Vallée des Merveilles. Inside the striking modern…

7. Maison du Miel et de l’Abeille

20.95 MILES

This little museum celebrates the craft of local honey-makers. Needless to say, there are plenty of opportunities to taste the goods – this is France,…

8. Lac des Mesches

22.09 MILES

From St-Dalmas-de-Tende, the D91 winds 10km west to this alpine lake (1390m), where trails lead into the valley (plan on eight hours' hiking, round-trip)…