Kerry's Most Spectacular Cliffs

Skellig Ring

Its hyperbolic name – and recreated dry-stone clochán with fake birds perched on top – aside, the view is indeed spectacular from this privately owned walk along 305m-high cliffs, which look out over Skellig Michael and surrounding islands. The 800m-long path is fenced and has coin-operated binoculars. Admission includes parking; a cafe opens from Easter to September.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Skellig Ring attractions

1. Skellig Experience

1.47 MILES

Immediately across the bridge from Portmagee, this distinctive building with a turf-covered roof contains exhibitions on the life of the Skellig Michael…

2. Telegraph Field


Valentia Island was chosen as the eastern terminus of the first transatlantic telegraph cable, from Heart's Content, Newfoundland. A monument at Telegraph…

3. Skelligs Chocolate

2.52 MILES

At these gleaming open-plan premises, you can get an overview of chocolate production and taste the wares too. Samples are free, and chocolates are sold…

4. Geokaun Mountain

3.43 MILES

The local landowner has transformed the island's highest point, Geokaun (266m), into a network of easy walking trails and viewpoints, with a breathtaking…

5. Tetrapod Trackway

4.52 MILES

This string of small depressions in an exposed sandstone bedding surface next to the sea may not be as spectacular as dinosaur footprints, but these…

6. Glanleam House & Gardens

4.63 MILES

Built as a linen mill in the 1770s, this estate was transformed from 1808 when its owner established its 16-hectare gardens with exotic plants from around…

7. Valentia Island Heritage Centre

5.31 MILES

Inside the old school on the road towards Geokaun Mountain, this intriguing local museum has a treasure trove of artefacts that tell the tale of the…

8. Cill Rialaig Arts Centre

5.47 MILES

At the northern end of Ballinskelligs on the site of a village abandoned during the Famine, this contemporary art gallery with a circular, thatched roof…